The Andes are characterised by their enormous dimensions. However the Río de la Plata and its grape growing are recognised by the minimalist vocation of the land, with many details and individualities, micro landscapes, the calcareous terroirs, and in addition the infinite variability of the minds and the hands of each grape grower and owner of a vineyard. The proximity of the Southern region to the Ocean allows sufficiently low nocturnal temperatures to obtain grapes with much flavour and aromatic concentration.


We think in bunches of berries per plant instead of kilograms per hectare. We search for equilibrated vines that produce 2 or 3 kilograms per plant depending of the variety’s characteristics.

I felt that way when being 5 or 6 years old he used to take me along to sell the wines and people said he had the best wines in Uruguay. But few people knew them and since then I felt committed to make our wines known and try to always better their quality. I feel we have greatly succeeded in Uruguay and we intend to emulate so in other countries. Each of three brothers and father has his own house and live in the vineyards. We are a big family of 16. Our children grow playing among the rows of vines. They already know the names and can distinguish among different varieties at the age of 5. We think we are lucky to be able to work together in the Family and to live out of what we love.

Daniel Pisano
Exports Manager