Leitner winery

A wine-growing region around Lake Neusiedl provides favourable conditions for grapevine cultivation. However, it would not be sufficient enough without a substantial contribution of one crucial factor – wine-growers producing top-quality products due to their professional skills and expert knowledge.

Melitta and Matthias Leitner, and their son Gernot, now represent a leading family-owned winery in the sphere of winemaking business. Gernot, who acquired a wide range of experience during his travels around the world and is determined to apply them in his homeland, has become a guarantor for achieving the cutting-edge quality wines satisfying even the most exigent clients. The local vineyards depend on climate influenced by the nearby lake – its temperature and moisture. In addition to taking advantage of good climate conditions, the Leitner winery must take into account a complex of other important factors such as soil condition, vine variety and root selection, which jointly affect the quality of wine. The winery’s final products themselves provide tangible evidence of how much the Leitners care about the quality and future of their wines. The Leitners, apart from the cultivation of pannonian vine plant varieties and the manner of wine maturation in barrique barrels, are recognized as early pioneers in cultivation of a variety Syrah in Austria.

The Leitners are one of the founders of the so-called Pannobile Group – a group of nine winemakers, who have been successfully cooperating now for fifteen years. A key point of their harmonic relations and symbiosis resides in having no boss and no hierarchy. A pursuit of common interests and excellence is the paramount prerequisite for their good cooperation. It entails a sense of sharing and dividing, as well as a capability of giving and receiving help, discussing and reaching a compromise, a sense of enjoyment and celebrating, a sense of sharing knowledge with others for benefit of all, a sense of enjoying the company of other fellows sitting at one table, to be open to discussion and to act fairly and honestly in all endeavours. At least, they have one common goal, which unites them all: to make wine from domestic varieties with the use of fertile soil and extraordinarily favourable climate conditions in their home land, to achieve its unique signature and unique properties characteristic for a solitaire wine to excel within a challenging international market environment.

Vineyard area: 11,8 ha
Varieties: 13 % white wine varieties, 82 % red wine varieties, 5 % dessert wine varieties
Best vineyards: Altenberg, Salzberg, Schafleiten, Ungerberg, Goldberg
White wine varieties: Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling
Red wine varieties: Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sankt Laurent
Speciality: Riesling Trockenbeerenauslesen